Contract Pressing and Bottling Services...

BTC carry out contract pressing for other cold pressed rapeseed oil producers, and can offer a reliable and professional service for all the customer's contract packaging needs. Adapting to specific requirements, BTC can cater its contract pressing options to its individual customers, BTC enjoy working with like minded farmers and producers, cooperating to produce fantastic oils and culinary products.

BTCs customers are based throughout the UK, utilising the fantastic logistic networks available, BTC keep up with the demanding requirements of its trade customers.

The capacity to receive and store bulk seed deliveries, in multiples of 30 tonne batches, or smaller amounts, gives BTC the flexibility to deal with all customer requirements .

Once received the seed is pressed and filtered and held in designated tanks until it is called off by the customer, at which point its bottled and labelled. This again all takes place in-house. So from raw seed to labelled product, BTC can produce an overall package to satisfy any customers requirements. This also includes producing tertiary products such as flavoured oils, dressings, dips and mayonnaise.

BTC are competitively priced and have just extended our pressing capacity to meet customers demands.

All of our oil is packaged under SALSA regulations.