Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is still a relatively new product to the UK. Other European countries have already recognised the benefits of the process and Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is widely used by both commercial concerns and private consumers in Europe.

Traditionally rapeseed oil in the UK has been produced by the hot pressing process, which involves a second, chemical extraction of the remainder of the oil from the meal. Cold Pressing the oil is a much slower process, where the seed is carefully squeezed only once to extract the oil at a low temperature. This retains the distrinctive texture colour and flavour, which is lost in the hot pressing process. At BTC we use no chemical extraction, so the bi-product also retains beneficially higher levels of oil, typically 12% against 2% with hot pressing.

After the Rapeseed has been cold pressed, the oil is tripple filtered and finally, the filtered oil is stored in bulk tanks ready for sale or re packaging. At BTC we are able to pack in a range of different formats from a glass bottle to an IBC. We are always happy to discuss your individual packaging needs so please get in touch if you have a query.